Favorite Book of My Reading Year — 6 Comments

  1. Off to order this … I remember well that it was you who recommended We Need to Talk About Kevin, one of my favorite books of all time (albeit so difficult to read). After finishing it, I set off to read all of Lionel Shriver’s books, I’m about halfway through. And somehow I’m happier with “one favorite” book than the lists of ten or a dozen or, ye gad, a hundred.

    • So glad you reminded me of We Need to Talk About Kevin. You’re right- memorable is almost not strong enough a word for it. I know that faced with all the lists out there can be daunting. Still, I do love lists and find myself copying many titles into my notebooks. Good to hear from you.

  2. Katharine, two things I really like about this post. One is your definition of a good book: “the kind of book you want to reach for the minute you have a spare moment.” And two, your saying that “Trans Atlantic is a novel that carries us deep into the realm of the human heart.” Oh, both those things make me want to read this book!

    • It’s a wonderful book and one I didn’t expect to like.
      Again, I’m so enjoying your daily posts. Bravo to you on that!

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