Slender Thread coverAs a girl swimming in the waters of Bow Lake, where she and her family spent every summer, Margot Winkler knew her big sister, Lacey, would keep her safe.  Decades later, Lacey’s home in a small New Hampshire town is often Margot’s refuge from her less settled situation with her live-in lover, Oliver, in Manhattan.  But everything changes just before Thanksgiving, when Lacey meets Margot’s arrival for the holiday with devastating news.

Lacey’s life seemed close to perfect –a loving husband, twin daughters on the brink of womanhood, and a home filled with the beautiful creations she weaves.  Now a rare disease is slowly stealing her ability to use language.

As Lacey’s words slip away, Margot struggles to support Lacey and her family while remaining close to Oliver and pursuing her own dreams.  Somehow she must imagine the future, even thought the past draws her powerfully.  Somehow she must find the courage to help her sister discover a new voice, keenly aware of the slender threads that bind them to this life and to each other.

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Praise for A Slender Thread

“With a sure, light touch and a shrewd eye for telling details, Katharine Davis expertly weaves a resonant story about the bonds of family, the tug of geography, and the regenerative power of art.  A Slender Thread is an emotionally rich and penetrating novel.”

 –Christina Baker Kline, author of Orphan Train

“With a delicate and loving touch, Katharine Davis explores a deep and often complex relationship –the one between two sisters.  Like the tapestry that becomes central to the story itself, A Slender Thread is a beautiful and utterly original creation . . . . Emotionally honest, meticulously observed, but also propulsively dramatic and readable, this is a novel that will resonate with women of all ages –and with everone who loves a good story, well told.  If you have sisters, you’ll want to share A Slender Thread with them.  If you don’t, it will serve as solace –and a powerful testament –to what you are missing.”

-Liza Gyllenhaal, author of Bleeding Heart and A Place for Us

“Luminous and deeply affecting . . . In this novel of the complex bonds of sisters and the pernicious effects of a rare illness, Katharine Davis memorably captures the language of family.  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and it was a pleasure to watch it take shape.”

–Susan Coll, author of The Stager and Beach Week

“The multiple viewpoints of Katharine Davis’s A Slender Thread weave in and out of chapters like threads in a tapestry, illustrating the intricate, complicated ties that bind us as family.  While this compelling story shows just how fragile –and therefore precious –are our connections to each other, Davis also shows that even the slenderest of threads can have the surprising strength and resilience to hold it (and us) together.”

–Katrina Kittle, author of The Blessings of the Animals.