Winner of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance 2010 Award for Fiction 

East Hope Final Cover zSeveral months after her husband’s sudden death, and troubled by one night’s indiscretion, Caroline Waverly seeks refuge in the gently worn house she has inherited from an aged aunt in East Hope, Maine.  Renewed by the brilliant light reflecting off the sea and by the cozy, well-appointed rooms, she finds the courage to face the consequences of her choices: her precarious finances, her alienated college-age son, and the man she left.

Will Harmon also puts his old life behind him, and arrives in East Hope to run the local used-book shop.  Setting aside worries about his derailed academic career and his failing marriage, he discovers in the quiet routine of a small town a satisfaction that has long been missing.  As he questions his desires and struggles with feelings for his wife, Will yearns for the wisdom to do what is right.

Then one day Caroline walks into Will’s bookstore, and they establish a tentative connection –a friendship with the promise of something more.  As they seek to rescue what is most important in their lives, they cling to distant hopes –for understanding, for family, and for love.

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Praise for EAST HOPE

“East Hope is a charming love story, delightfully old-fashioned with a very modern twist.  Katharine Davis captures Maine not just as a setting but as the character it is.”

–Lily King, author of Euphoria and Father of the Rain 

“Katharine Davis has written an utterly irresistible novel, suffused with the special light and clarity of Maine.  A book about second chances and real love, with characters as complicated as we really are.  I couldn’t put it down.”

–Lee Smith, New York Times bestselling author of On Agate Hill

“Katharine Davis has created an elegant and compelling tale about loss, love, and of course, hope.  Her characters are rich, her story is gripping, and her prose beautiful and effortless.”

–Joanne Rendell, author of Crossing Washington Square

“Katharine Davis’s captivating novel of loss and recovery follows a forty-four-year-old woman from a long-settled life into one that is anything but certain.  The author’s clean prose suits the spare setting in which most of this struggle takes place –a small seaside village in Maine.  Her keen sensitivity to the people and countryside in that remote place vividly evokes its power to reshape her character’s life, slowly but radically, much as the sea reshapes the shoreline.”

–Kate Maloy, author of Every Last Cuckoo

“Davis’s lyrical prose brings authenticity to the journey of two lonely souls trying to reinvent themselves in middle age.”