Capturing Paris cover 2006Married for twenty-five years, American expats Annie and Wesley Reed are living an elegant, sophisticated life in Paris.  Their apartment is filled with food, wine, and accomplished friends.  But when Wesley loses his job and a sexy, mysterious woman enters their lives, suddenly the sights, smells, and sounds of Paris may never be the same.

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“The layered experience and sensibilities of Americans in Paris are captured marvelously in this haunting and evocative novel.  Reminiscent of William Maxwell’s The Chateau, Capturing Paris is an impressive debut.”

–Katharine Weber, author of  Triangle and True Confections 

“In this graceful and atmospheric first novel, Katharine Davis explores a question that fascinates us all: what if I had chosen differently, when I still had my choices to make?  Through Annie’s reinvention of herself in a time of flux, we see anew the consequences of deciding to be who we are, and the consequences of questioning all that we have been.”

–Carolyn Parkhurst, author of Lost and Found 

“In Capturing Paris, we meet Annie Reed, poet and wife, navigating through a year of upheaval.  Through it all, her adopted city of Paris glows, with its abundance of charm, quirks, and moods, all beautifully captured in Katharine Davis’s sensitive observations.”

–Leslie Pietrzyk, author of A year and a Day 

“Dreamy and sentimental, readers with a soft spot for the city of lights will want to give this a look.”

–Publishers Weekly