A Knitting Christmas — 9 Comments

  1. YEAH for dishcloth instructions. With heavier yarn I am sure they can be pot holders. I will be off to the knitting shop!

  2. Hi Kitty. I was so pleased when a friend forwarded your blog to me. You dishcloth is in my “knitting” folder as “My Mother’s Dishcloth.” She passed away many years ago, but I still have some of the dish “rags:” that she knitted using your pattern. I’ve made many more, using the same pattern, but more often a pattern of small squares. Happy 2016 to you.

  3. Forgot to mention that I’m reading a fascinating nonfiction book, In the Kingdom of Ice by Hampton Sides. Do take a look.

  4. Love the article and your inspiration. You are convincing me to take the time away from my comfort zone and construction progress to learn a more efficient technique:)

    • You are always doing cool projects! I recently tried to purl continental style and Had to pull out 3 rows- a real mess. Ugh. But I do like the knitting way. In any case it has to stay fun!

  5. Hi Kitty: I am looking forward to your next novel, having read and thoroughly enjoyed your earlier novels. In the last couple of years I have read, or I should say devoured all the books by a Spanish author by the name of Carlos Luis Zafron. The first one was ” Shadow of the Wind” – it being noteworthy because it is the most published book in Spansh history. If you haven’t read anything by him, I highly recommend him. Please give Bob a hug for me. Fondly, Robin Grant

    • Hi Robin,

      Thanks for this suggestion. I don’t know of this author and I look forward to discovering his work!

      I just finished a novel and I hope my agent will find the right publishing house for it soon.

      Best to Herb too!

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